Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Morning Ribbing

So today I got to partake in my first Agency Status, I didn't realize at the time but I that was also the first Agency Status in the new office, dubbed Foxhole2.0.  Not sure what the culture is here, but James was getting pretty cozy with me, practically sitting on my lap.  What was I to do but stretch out and put my arm around him, okay...awkward.

The status was pretty informative and it was my first opportunity to get the download on all the projects and clients handled in the office.  As we were going through the status I think people were ribbing me a little bit with their client status and innuendos.  Here were a couple of good ones:

"Alot Meatier" - Sunni P
"Curtains match the drapes" - Chris P
and My favorite
"the Skeleton Key" - Ryan M

Well gotta run,

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  1. Does James know you're a dude? I'm sure he doesn't care at this point.