Tuesday, February 22, 2011

National Margarita Day

One thing that I am continuously learning here at Silverfox is the power of Cultural Opportunism and the role that it can play when both the content and the message align to something that is naturally occurring.  This thought/idea is what lead me to my post today...well, that and I like Margaritas!
When checking the Hot Trends Gadget on my iGoogle home screen today, I came to find that today, February 22nd, is National Margarita day.  Who would have thought there was a National day to celebrate a drink that was made in Mexico, but then again who cares?  It's another great excuse to drink.
Now, I don't want to get into specifics to how the Margarita came to be, as there are many different rumored starts, but they all have a couple of things in common...they were all made out of Tequila, they were all made with some variation of Lime Juice, all in Mexico, and all made either by or for a woman named Margarita.

As with the rumored origins of this fantastic concoction, there are several different variations in which to consume this Tequila based drink. You can order it frozen or on the rocks.  You can order in a variety of  flavors such as Strawberry, Mango, Pomegranate, Cucumber, and the list goes on and on.  Some places even get a little bit more fancy by adding in different infusions.  For example, Pedros in SF makes a margarita with Jalapenos...YES I know this sounds odd, but it is quite tasty.  From here you can get even more specific on what type of tequila is used Blanco, Reposado, Anejo (just remember B.R.A.), what region the tequila came from, and of course what brand you prefer such as Cabo Wabo, Patron, Herradura, and one of my favorites Tres Generaciones.
All the professionals say that the margarita can only be as good as the tequila that you start out with...this can be up for debate as I have had (and made) some pretty bangin margaritas made with Jose Cuervo...

I am going to leave you all with those thoughts as I am getting thirsty with all this talk of Tequila and Margaritas.

Hopefully tomorrow is national Alka-Seltzer day as I have a feeling that I will be needing some.
Happy National Margarita Day!

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