Monday, February 7, 2011

Rough Monday

Today was a little rough!  Come'on the Monday after the SuperBowl should be a national holiday, it is more like the day of the dead than Halloween, everybody is walking around like zombies.  Even I was no exception.
What I find amazing, is that the top 5 google trends today all revolved around the SuperBowl commercials and not around the actual game itself...the SUPERBOWL.  The other 5 top trends were about Christina botching the lyrics to the national anthem (by the way she looked worse than I do) or the Half Time Show with the Black Eyed Peas, Slash, & Usher. 
Since everyone from the Frag Dolls to the Washington Post wrote about the commercials, I might as well as add my 2 cents.  

Top Five (a tribute to my co-worker Paco's blog)

  1. Volkswagon: The Force - Its simple, a kid in a Darth Vador suit, the "Imperial March". Whats not to like?

  2. Volkswagon; Black Beetle - It reminded me of "A Bugs Life", that's enough reason for me.
  3.  Doritos: House Sitting - Spoiler Alert, he brings Gramps back to life...hey sprinkle some of those Doritos over here.
  4. Pepsi Max: Love Hurts - The suffering of one man and the pains of dieting, and ending in the pain of a young woman with can of soda to the head.  Others pains is comedy.
  5. Bridgestone: Beaver Tree Bridge - 2 Lives saved, and a beaver chest tap.  Top 5 Material every day.
Honorable Mentions:  Chrystler Imported from Detroit & Teleflora Help Me Faith.
Disappointments, Bud Light (all 3), and Hyundai Elantra.

Which ads would make your Top 5?
Gotta Run!

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