Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Morning Status

Mondays...unfortunately you can't start the week without them.  I am sure you are wondering why I am writing about Monday Status.  I mean how exciting can a status meeting be, especially on Monday morning?  Well here at the Foxhole, I find the status meetings to be rather, energizing.  Either that or I have just finished my second cup o' joe.  No, but seriously I say this because we each get a little glimpse of what people have either worked on the previous week and/or are working on this week.
The thing is when you work with a bunch of people that are smart and passionate about their job it makes it a little bit easier to come to work on Monday morning.  The collaboration and ideas that we put forth for each client are amazing!  Everybody has a top line understanding about each client, and all are encouraged to participate in every discussion about the brand, initiative, or just random discussions.  On top of that I love that almost everything we decide to pitch to the client is about creating content that adds value to their consumer. It's not about simply creating and buying some ad online, in print, or on TV.  It is about taking that next step and making a meaningful connection.
I dont' want to get into detail, but her are some of the ideas of content that we constantly think about.

Gaming (digital, video, social, mobile,etc)

When you think about content, what do you think about?

Well I have rambled on long enough about how much I LOVE the things that we do and the people that I work with. 
Happy Valentines Day.


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